Past events

Maiden trip

Full of gratitude, joy and a little proud, we can announce that we made it: the El’Achai Peace Train is on track. Everyone involved, the vision’s partners, the donators, the volunteers, we all did it. Phase 1 has been completed and it was a wonderful adventure. The Peace Train performed its fire baptism splendidly.

El´Achai in Berlin

A group of peace messengers and the El’Achai Peace Choir represented the El’Achai Peace Train in Berlin. Beautiful aerial shots taken by a drone.

Charity trip

On this charity trip some 30 orphans and 30 disabled persons with their tutors, all coming from different regional institutions, travelled with us. They were very happy and we very much enjoyed the trip with them. This trip was equally open to anyone who wanted to book a day trip to Salzburg on the Peace Train.

The train

The Vision

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